The AP Computer Science A/B, when I was in school. Exam arrived into my school.

Considering my attention was not in Computer Science ” I couldn’t get really far in the tests. My scientist explained it was not just a passing grade on the AP Computer Science A/B. That was my very first lesson in the demand for a totally free response. online paraphrasing service The remainder, as they state, is now history.

At the end of my first semester, I was working on my final project, and one of my professors took a special interest in it. This professor was a much better computer scientist than the professor who had marked my AP computer science A/B. He recommended to me that I go into a lab and run all sorts of tests on my laptop to get my head straight.

It did not go well. Instead of showing that my project was complete, it showed that it was less than half done. There was no way to tell which one was correct, so my professor essentially told me that it was more of a passing grade. paraphraseexample com He was smart enough to realize that I had no idea what I was doing.

After that lesson, I asked the prof if he could give me a report of the project. He said, “no.” In a world where it is more important to keep students focused than to show them the way, there is no one better at this than a computer scientist. He actually suggested I come to his lab so I could run all sorts of tests.

The next day, he took me out to his lab. We sat down at his desktop computer and ran the test on his laptop. I would have to spend the next two weeks running several tests over again. Finally, he said to me, “Do you know why this was done?”

I clarified once I first learned about this project I had performed a response. He stated,”which means you understood what the answer was before you took the exam. You neglected because you did not know the answer.” Then he said,”That’s the issue with our field. The majority folks only want to earn a huge deal out of almost absolutely nothing .”

That night, he asked me to come to his lab. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. First of all, my professor had done a free response. And secondly, this guy was a much better computer scientist than the professor who had graded my AP computer science A/B.

On my way there, I ran my tests without him telling me. And the reports I got were not the ones I wanted.

But I now know that the fact that I did not ask for a free response makes the test all the more important. We are taught to have an open mind and always be willing to consider other possibilities. If we expect to learn things from a professor, we must learn to ask questions. A free response is not proof that your professor has done a good job, but it does make you aware of the fact that you need to be sure you ask his or her colleagues questions if you want to learn something.

We all have to ask for responses that are free when they are demanded in evaluations. That was no reason which people cannot learn matters by asking questions. This really is 1 reasons I stay far from AP Computer Science A/B. What I have learned from all this can be that people have to not allow other people to decide on whether or not we’ve done a superior career.

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